$29 Cheez Wiz in Arctic Bay

Cheese Wiz costs $29 and a bottle of juice $38.

APTN National News
Cheez Wiz costs $29 and a bottle of juice $38.

Those are the store-shelf prices in Arctic Bay, Nunavut.

Nunavut MLA Ron Elliot, who took photographs of the products and prices as proof, blames the federal government for putting elders and those on social assistance at risk by cutting subsidies to the cost of shipping foods north.

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  6. Robbers! Hmmm, wonder how much it’d cost friend and family to send such items to them? I send my mom and dad stuff that I know is so expensive, but too bad I can’t send fresh fruit and vegetables!

  7. Why do some comments have to be approved and others not? The comment I want to post has no profanity, vulgarity or anything offensive, except maybe to a Government.

  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hz0YYkvG_Lg (14,030)nnThis is a video showing prices in Nunavut back in January 2010.nnNunavut is where some underwater seismic tests, to find oil, were to have taken place, but that an injunction was put in place to put a hold on those tests. The seismic tests, determined and backed by scientific studies, would have disrupted ocean life.nnhttp://www.vancouversun.com/technology/Nunavut+judge+grants+temporary+injunction+against+seismic+testing/3375321/story.htmlnnThe subsidies are to be replaced with Nutrition North, a program that will provide subsidies for healthy foods. Nutrition North will be for a smaller selection of foods that are deemed healthy, but the subsidy will be far less than what the previous subsidy provided.nnThe general Canadian public will have little problem supporting Nutrition North because it is a u201chealthyu201d initiative. u201cGreenu201d and u201chealthyu201d are the way of the future, after all (gimme a break). If health is the underlying issue, then this is a twisted, sadistic way to manipulate people to become healthy.n nMy imagination runs wild with thoughts about Canada, under pressure from Germany, and not to mention oil companies, punishing Nunavut for not allowing the seismic tests to proceed, under the guise of u201chealthu201d.n

  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hz0YYkvG_LgnnI was looking for something to compare these prices with to gain a better perspective of what’s going on. This video was posted to youtube back in January of 2010.nnNunavut is the place where those controversial seismic tests to locate oil were to have taken place, and tests which were to be performed by the Germans. An injunction was put in place last summer to prevent those tests from taking place.nnThese subsidies are being replaced with a Healthy eating initiative called Nutrition North. The Nutrition North subsidies won’t come close to replacing the subsidies the Government is getting rid of, and what little subsidy Nutrition North provides will only be for a much smaller selection of Healthy foods. nnI say this is a very twisted way to manipulate people to eat healthy. What is really going to happen is starvation. Demand will go down, local businesses will suffer, and to compensate for decreased demand, those businesses will have to raise prices even just a little bit more.nnMy imagination runs wild with thoughts about the Canadian government, under pressure from the German government, not to mention oil companies, punishing Nunavut for not allowing the seismic tests to proceed. The Health initiative is just an excuse that the general public of Canada will accept, because “Green” and “Healthy” are the way of the future.nnNow, what would really make me cringe is if, after starving Nunavut, the government or some large oil company offered them money to proceed with seismic tests for oil. And what’s a starving person supposed to do when offered money?

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