Youth goes to jail fighting for rights

Indigenous Peoples fighting for their rights, their Indigenous rights, their human rights, are often criminalized. Labeled terrorists. Thrown in prison.

Here’s an obvious question with an obvious answer. Why fight so hard?

For those not in the know, maybe this will help.

Watch APTN Investigates: Down the Barrel – Part 2 here.

When you hear the words rights, title, land claims, treaties, way of life, identity — any one or all of them, think of a house. Your own home perhaps. A place of comfort and security.

A place where you make the rules.

And then think about being evicted for no reason.

Indigenous Peoples have been evicted, kicked to the curb.

Tawahum Bige felt the injustice of seeing his home destroyed, suffering the full weight of the Canadian justice system for his actions.

See his story here:

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