Wasting Away | APTN Investigates

APTN Investigates reporter Kathleen Martens examines the food crisis in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. The high cost of food means people are literally going hungry. So why is so much good food ending up in the dump? And why do people have to scavenge there for a meal?

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1 thought on “Wasting Away | APTN Investigates

  1. It breaks my heart to watch Inuit elders foraging for food in the dump
    just to feed their families.I had tears in my eyes as I watched this.
    This should not happen in a rich country like Canada.Why did it have to
    come to this before the federal government decided to step in? The
    Conservatives are about to announce just over 11 million dollars towards
    the Nutrition North program. It’s not enough!. The food subsidies need
    to go to the people in need and not the retailers who are doing very
    little to bring the price of food down.The Nutrition North program is a
    dismal failure! I urge other Northerners to stand with the people of
    Nunavut and call on the Conservative Government to bring some meaningful
    changes to the Nutrition North Program! Thank your for bringing this
    important story to light.

    Chief Doris Bill

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