NWT RCMP accused of elbowing an elder in the face

Loretta Edjericon with injuries she alleges an RCMP officer caused.

By Todd Lamirande
APTN Investigates
Margo Edjericon says it still feels like a bad dream.

Edjericon is referring to last Saturday when two RCMP officers pushed their way into her home in Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories and allegedly injured her 71-year-old mother, Loretta Ejericon.

On that day Margo Edjericon heard banging on her door. Two officers were checking up on a young girl who is on probation. She admitted she was in a back room but that she was sleeping and asked them to come back.

Instead they pushed their way in, pinned Margo Edjericon to the floor and handcuffed her. That’s when her mother, Loretta Edjericon, came out of a bedroom to see what was going on.

“They hollered at her. But she’s kind of blind and deaf in one ear,” says Margo Edjericon.

One officer allegedly pushed Loretta Edjericon into a wall. She suffered injuries to her face, as well as big bruises to her arm. After apprehending the young girl, the officers let Margo Edjericon go and left.

“My mom went into the kitchen and started crying,” she says.

Margo Edjericon called a couple of friends and they took Loretta Edjericon to the nursing station in Fort Resolution. She received X-rays because of a suspected concussion and broken nose.

They were inconclusive and sent to Calgary for further examination. Margo Edjericon hopes to get an answer later today or tomorrow.

Margo Edjericon says her mother is resting but in a lot of discomfort and taking pain medication.

“I’ve never seen my mom with black eyes like that in my life,” she says.

She also wants to press charges against the officer involved.

An RCMP officer from the Fort Resolution detachment came the next day to speak to Loretta Edjericon and take pictures of her injuries.

“I wouldn’t let him come in the door,” says Margo Edjericon.

She made him come with them to the nursing station to get more information.

Margo Edjericon says she’s never been in trouble with the police and is now scared in her own home.

“Because they’re supposed to protect and serve,” she says.

An RCMP spokesman says someone from outside the Fort Resolution detachment will investigate Margo Edjericon’s complaint. As of today, they haven’t heard anything more.


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  1. oh yeah, cops are always taking matters into their own hands, now an Elder is hurt, sue the bastards, don’t let them get away with it, and as for the girl who’s on probation, she should go and check in herself instead of them pushing their way in the house, Police Brutality at it’s best. that is why police get killed.

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