Non-status customers given unauthorized use of status card numbers for tax-exempt smokes and gas at Manitoba gas bar

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10 thoughts on “Non-status customers given unauthorized use of status card numbers for tax-exempt smokes and gas at Manitoba gas bar

  1. Oh NOO you guys. WHAT are you doing? :/ That will get us all of our rights taken away. You think you are just being nice, but it can hurt ALL the tribes. 🙁

  2. I was looking for the video footage the article mentions, the one where the cashier says yet to the white guy about getting the rebate, can you show me the link?

  3. C’mon, Neechis. We can’t be complaining about treaty rights if we’re not going to respect them ourselves.

  4. I also have a problem. Where i have been refused sale of cigarets at the smoke shop on highway 6. Because idid not have a status card. I offered to pay the tax. But they still refused to sell to me. As then they would have to forward the taxes to government. That is wrong as well

  5. What kind of idiot signs that kind of agreement for the “benefit” of their community? It just doesn’t make sense unless the person is receiving some sort of kickback…Another example of someone in a position of authority taking advantage of a 1st nation’s unique status for their own gain. That is why I will not take my business to that gas bar.

  6. The land was not legally designated yet INAC turned a blind eye for 10 years. The band was forced to take matters into its own hands and tried to take back the property that they paid $ 2.1 Million to develop and the Provincial Court ignored federal law and gave the store back to Doer. Thanks Bro! The business was stolen from the people of Roseau River by a former Chief who gifted it to his daughter then wrangled a sweet kickback deal with Doer. The exploitation has been going on for 10 years and still the greed is not satisfied. Now the taxpayer is on the hook for alleged fraudulent tax rebates. So both INAC and MB Finance are wearing the goat’s horns. This happened on their watch and still they dither. When will they grow a pair and act? When will justice finally come to the people of Roseau River? Vote buying, kickbacks, exploitation and fraud – just another day at Red Sun and Roseau River. All under the protective eye of INAC. Epic Fail.

    1. That’s right and it isn’t the first place that this has happened. Rampant misappropriation of funds amongst tribal members in power and Rampant nepotism which hurts tribal economics and creates distrust and an “Everyone out for themselves” society. This garbage has to stop.

  7. I am watching APTN Investigates in regards to Red Sun and want to congratulate you on your in depth reporting. The fact that reserves are not getting the funding required is an issue but the fact that funding is being misused by native leaders and not benefiting the reserves is something that has to be investigated.

    Good Job!

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