For the Love of Matty

APTN Investigates
He’s a First Nations man with serious disabilities who has aged out of foster care in Saskatchewan.

Does that mean three strikes and he’s out of social services?

Kathleen Martens has the story.

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1 thought on “For the Love of Matty

  1. I’ve been following Matty and the Gardiner’s plight for a very long time now and it’s sad when the people the government so readily rely on to take care of our most special Canadians have to turn to the media and disrupt not only their lives but the regular routine of this very intelligent man/boy who wants nothing more than to stick to his routine. Why is it that our government say they want to better the lives of our most vulnerable yet they want to go back in time and put them all in institutions and pump them full of dummy pills rather than leave them in the secure homes that have been offered to them? Thank you so much for airing this for them and bringing to light just what our wonderful government has been doing or should I say NOT doing for them.

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