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1 thought on “LOVE TO HATE

  1. Jason Prince says:

    Seems like they’re right. One nation. One law. No one receives anything anyone else does not in terms of government perks.

    As a non status native working on a reserve, I can tell you for a fact, 90% of the ‘natives’ who hand over their status card for tax free gas and smokes? 90% of them are whiter than white people are. Blonde, blue eyes. Last actual native in their family being generations ago.
    They’re about as Native as an Irish immigrant’s decedent is Irish enough to get Irish citizenship

    I agree with ending race based law. Because it’s not helping Natives. It’s helping white people who have had native heritage bred out of them. Two halves do not make a half it makes a quarter. Those two quarters do not make a full or half. They make an 8th. So on until there is NO NATIVE and no reason for that decedent to have a status.

    After all, that was decided for non status natives like me, Not eligible. Yet each afternoon, white people with status cards hand them over to me, a dark skinned non status native who was deemed ‘not native enough’. But they are?

    It helps white people. It divides this country. But we want the perks. We want the goodies. We want the money shelled out to chiefs who don’t bother to help their communities with that money. WE know our history and we know the stories we hold onto and use as propaganda against the white man is bullshit.

    Don’t spread these lies to people who know better. Spread it to those with the guilt you made for them.

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