Hundreds of First Nation communities are located within Canada’s Prairie grain belt yet few get a piece of Canada’s $99 billion agriculture pie. Sure some individual Aboriginal people have made a living farming over the years, but band-run, large-scale commercial farming operations that would make money and provide jobs simply don’t exist. APTN Investigates looks at why agriculture has been “Growing Nowhere” on Prairie First Nations and how that may be changing.

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  1. I am the Community Coordiantor at Confederation Park Community School in Saskatoon. In the fall of this year a staff member came to me about an idea to connect with One Earth Farms. Her husband is employed there and she had this great idea on working together to develop curriculum that would portentially partner with One Earth Farms.rnOur school administration now has a meeting set for October 13 to meet with One Earth to discuss how we can work together and bring this educational opportunity to our student.rnSince many of out students are First Nation we hope that this partnership will blossom.rnWe believe that the information you have presented here is important to the teaching of Treaties and we will be sharing these two video clips with many of our students to enhance what we are already doing.rnThank you for your work on this and we look forward to many more.rnYours trulyrnMelinda BrownrnCommunity CoordinatorrnConfederation Park Community SchoolrnSaskatoon

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