Bits and pieces of Aboriginal culture have been swiped by non-Aboriginal pro sport and school athletic teams for use as team mascots and logos. If you ask 100 First Nation people what they think about each example, you’re likely to get 500 opinions. It’s a divisive issue on which everyone has something to say. APTN Investigates gets to the root of the reasons why and examines what effect this “Cultural Identity Theft” is having on the collective psyche of Aboriginal people. Click here for Part II.

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  1. the fiduciary responsibility of the canadian government is to protect the interest of the indian people but what is visible in canada is the extreme poverty, prostitution, addicted, and poor state of the pleight of indian people. the world leaders i ask you to drive down any red light district and see for yourself the pleight of my brothers and sisters. the government of canada no longer is able to see through their greed, and immorality. Rasicm is an automatic response in canada like breathing. canadian citizen can not see what they are doing but steadfastly refuse when exposed of their transgression.

  2. south africa was a country much like canada until the united nations isolated and forced the country to abide by its will therefore by imposing trading sactions on the canadian government and other countries that are practicing modern day slavery. canada is a country that is actively practicing such crimes against humanity and the world can not look away. no lie should live forever. rn

  3. im a full blooded indian under the indian act and i give the world permission to help us fight tyranny on my soil. the indian act policy is a man made policy that strips humanity from my culture, objectifies and terrorizes. It is illegal and categories the indian population as a sub human group within the canadian immoral fibre. The indian acts allows this government to systematically commit genocide with the help of its justice system and full acknowledgement of its citizens.

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