#ARTICLE 23: More businesses should hire Inuit – café owner – Part 1

Show Producer / Winnipeg

Holly Moore is an investigative journalist with 16 years of experience working on news and documentaries. Before joining APTN in 2016, she was an Associate Producer with CBC Manitoba’s I-team where she produced nation-wide projects for CBC’s Indigenous Unit. Her work has been nominated for a number of national awards, most recently by the Canadian Association of Journalists. An expert in deep research and never giving up, she strives through her work to hold powerful forces to account.

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1 thought on “#ARTICLE 23: More businesses should hire Inuit – café owner – Part 1

  1. Everyone needs meaningful employment. If Article 23 is not being followed to help locals get employment, it needs to be. The cost of living in the north and the levels of indigenous poverty go hand in hand with not working. If there needs to be more training, then get to it and get those workers trained so they can afford to stay in their own communities. Stop bringing more people in from the south, hire locals. Let the language and the culture flourish. I really like the idea of days off for berry picking season and clam digging, what a great thing to provide for those who want to go out on the land and help themselves to survive.

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