APTN Investigates: Reliving Indian and Inuit Tuberculosis Sanatoriums

Gerald McIvor’s brother Michael was just four years old when he was sent off to Manitoba’s Ninette Tuberculosis Sanatorium in 1952.


Holly Moore is an investigative journalist with 16 years of experience working on news and documentaries. Before joining APTN in 2016, she was an Associate Producer with CBC Manitoba’s I-team where she produced nation-wide projects for CBC’s Indigenous Unit. Her work has been nominated for a number of national awards, most recently by the Canadian Association of Journalists. An expert in deep research and never giving up, she strives through her work to hold powerful forces to account.

2 thoughts on “APTN Investigates: Reliving Indian and Inuit Tuberculosis Sanatoriums

  1. Please don’t forget about NWT. My Grandfather was taken in the 1945-55 from Phedze Ke, NWT. He never came back home. Does Charles Camsell Hospital look familiar? Why always leave out the Dene from the North out.

  2. Excellent reporting on this issue. Woliwon for those involved to bring this message forward. Woliwon Gerald McIvor for telling your story and bringing the truth to the table.

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