aptn Investigates: Identity Crisis

We all know the Métis are descended from fur traders and Indigenous women who rose up against the Canadian government in 1869 and 1885. They became a nation on the prairies. But groups in other parts of Canada have popped up to say they are just as Métis as the descendants of Red River. A couple of groups in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia that say they should be recognised as Indigenous to the region because they are descended from Acadian Métis. Some Red River Métis disagree and say they should not be adopting the name and symbols of their nation.

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1 thought on “aptn Investigates: Identity Crisis

  1. In Nova Scotia,some people descend from families who members were Treaty signatories of the 1726 and 1761 Freindship Treaties. These Friendship Treaties which are still recognize (albeit 1752 and 1761 Treaties) were signed well before the Confederation of Canada and the Indian Act. From my understanding the Mi’kmaq did not enter lightly into agreements, but looked for protection of their families for several generations to come.

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