aptn Investigates: Designer Drugs PART 1

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1 thought on “aptn Investigates: Designer Drugs PART 1

  1. It’s sad to see so many of our people addicted to drugs. Living on the reserve makes it hard, especially when so few of us know who we “really” are. Sure you can say what your name is, you r tribe and your clan… but to actually know what your people are about, and what it means to be a part of your clan makes a big difference.
    The GREED and white politics confuse our young people. They fight for the wrong things. Traditional ways may be outdated,.. but at a point in time in our people’s history, we had peace amongst each other. Traditional politics just need to be revamped to be integrated into the new system.
    Mr Atleo “The Apple”, part of (Harper’s Canadian Communist Conservatives) should break away from Canada’s politics and start speaking for the people and get back to our roots. Not only that… why is it up to the Cheif’s who FN want as our National Cheif? Our Assembly of First Nations is a joke. Cheif’s voting for Cheifs? C’mon you’re all no better than (HCCC). Let our People vote too, Sad to say my people are becoming hypocrites,

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