aptn Investigates: Cote vs Canada

A class action lawsuit could have far-reaching implications for First Nations governed under the Indian Act.

Members of the Cote First Nation are launching the first lawsuit of its kind. It argues the Indian Act and its agents at Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, violate their human rights, leaving them with incompetent leadership, violating the intent of Treaty 4. Melissa Ridgen finds out how this could affect other First Nations.

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1 thought on “aptn Investigates: Cote vs Canada

  1. straight talk
    I agree with hilliard on getting out of indian act and start using TREATIES to our advantage, 1 thing in treaty it said every man woman and child would have so much land has not happened so u can put that in there also. The other thing for cote band members like Sadie cote what did u do with the payout to band members that was voted on and passed, could u not have used it to fix your own homes? So saying band chief and council is squandering the money, I’m sure a lot of the money went there, but no mention of that eh

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