aptn Investigates: Article 23

Reporter Kathleen Martens takes us to Iqaluit, Nunavut and exposes an ugly problem.

Colonization imposed a 9-5 work day that is very different from the old way on the land. When it comes to hiring for local jobs…

Inuit are being left behind.

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4 thoughts on “aptn Investigates: Article 23

  1. I’m a little disappointed this piece didn’t go a little deeper into what Article 23 actually requires, choosing instead to just parrot the 85%. This is perpetuating a dysfunctional discussion.
    There’s supposed to be an overarching Inuit labour force analysis, which is supposed to help GN managers develop Inuit employment plans. There are supposed to be occupation-specific plans developed by GN departments. Once all that is in place then you start setting the numerical targets. None of this is done in practice, and nobody seems to notice or care.
    Article 23 maps out a sensible path for Inuit employment, but the GN, NTI and APTN (not to mention Mayor Redfern) all conveniently ignore this. Do people not like reading (i.e. Article 23) or does what they read (in Article 23) sound inconvenient for some reason? Respect the treaties!

  2. No Canadian should ever have to live in those conditions. The government needs to step up and make it right

  3. I truly enjoyed your program. Well balanced but showing the truth that the Inuit are dealing with every day. I hope your show and the petition being circulated by Qaumariaq Inuqtaqau helps turn the tide. I’ll be watching and hope to see updates.

    Gloria Rumsey

  4. As I was watching this, I was deeply moved as I am going through this rigorous situation as an Inuk in Nunavut, although I have education and secondary education as well, with no work in sight, I have become hopeless at times. Although a caucasian gets the job with no education for which I have applied for and to which I have my education for. it has become of norm for Nunavummiut to see that the southerners get direct appointments and their connections with families from southerners will let you move up in the government of nunavut. I have sought a revolutionary advisor, because the fact that the Liberal and Conservatives advisors will just go back on their word and lie in their post-elections. And as Inuit and indigenous person we have survived diseases, assimilation into another cultures idea with residential schools, and being denied employment, housing, and of the inbetween obstacles that are given to us by our own government and southerners. It gives me hope that we will get retribution, and surviving all of this means that we are the future, not them, as we endured thousands of years living in the Great North, and this is their decadence after this show was aired

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