Warriors and Indigenous resistance InFocus part 1

This week we are putting indigenous resistance InFocus.

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This week we put Indigenous resistance InFocus.

Sakej Ward, who is a member of the Warrior Alliance, Ellen Gabriel, from Kanesatake, Jo Redsky from the Warrior-Ogitchida Society, and Michael Champagne from Shamattawa Cree Nation, join this week’s APTN’s InFocus panel.

For part 2 click here.

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1 thought on “Warriors and Indigenous resistance InFocus part 1

  1. What ive noticed since the heavy handed Police intervention here in Rexon is the Natives now know they are supported by the none Native population. We see many more Natives walking in the stores and the small towns all around here with smiles on their faces and new found humble pride and that’s a beautiful thing to see.

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