‘Unsettling Canada’ InFocus

APTN InFocus with Cheryl McKenzie:

In his new book, Unsettling Canada: A National Wake Up Call, Arthur Manuel shares his family’s story of resistance.

The book is co-written by Grand Chief Ronald M. Derrickson.

They argue Canada’s “most glaring piece of unfinished business” is “the place of Indigenous peoples within the country’s political and economic space.”

Arthur Manuel and Leah Gazan join Cheryl McKenzie in-studio.



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Cheryl McKenzie began working as a reporter for APTN in June 2001. Her work has been nominated for a Gemini Award and a Canadian Association of Broadcasters award. In October 2005 Cheryl became Host/Producer for the launch of APTN National News: Daytime. Since then she has been Host/Producer for Contact, APTN Investigates, APTN National News and APTN InFocus.

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  1. on a world wide basis, no other group of indigenous people have been so indulged as in Canada. We have contributed billions of dollars to native bands all over the country. The result has been negative. Instead of embracing all the social and economic support, they clamour for more and more. it will never be enough. Their children attend university gratis with expenses provided. Most reserves boast 87 % unemployment because they can live off the monthly payments that Canadian taxpayers provide. they take no responsibility for their failure to succeed – and have become professional whiners. A far cry from their independant and self sufficient ancestors. Native Canadians – please read this – all Canadian taxpayers have had enough. Go out – get jobs – get off booze and drugs ( by yourselves ) , clean up your filthy reserves and take stock off all we have done for you.

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