Season Premiere Highlights

Host/Producer Cheryl McKenzie is joined by Daphne Pierre from aptn’s Vancouver bureau to start the show.

Daphne Pierre talks about her missing sister Jackie Murdoch and comments on the Pickton Inquiry that was called the previous day. Ms. Pierre stresses that had these missing women been from a wealthier neighbourhood there would have been an immediate outpouring of resources and attention to their disappearances.

Cheryl then interviews Stevie Cameron, the author of On the Farm, an depth investigative book on the Pickton affair. She talks about the flawed investigations by the Vancouver Police Department and RCMP into the Pickton case.

Dr. Pamela Palmater, chair of Indigenous Governance at Ryerson University joined us to talk about her presentation to the Senate about Bill S-4, the Family Homes on Reserves and Matrimonial Interests or Rights Act, and what it means for First Nation communities.

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