Pipeline Resistance

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Picking up from last week, in this edition we put more of the oil and gas pipeline resistance movement InFocus.

People who oppose pipeline projects across the country are becoming more organized in their efforts to block those projects.

Recently a strategic meeting was held in Winnipeg at the Thunderbird House.

We weren’t allowed to record that meeting but some agreed to an interview.

First we spoke with Amanda Lickers and Jo Seenie.

Then we hear from Alma Brooks and Sue Deranger.

In the second half, we change topics with an interview with the editor of a new book, Masculindians: Conversations about Indigenous Manhood.

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1 thought on “Pipeline Resistance

  1. I understand peoples fears and respect their right to voice their concerns, however I am thinking about my children and grandchildrens futures. I came from the unfortunate statistics of being an aboriginal , growing up in poverty, dysfunction, being discriminated upon by not only mainstream but my own government. I’m thinking about a future for my children and grandchildren, the cycle of poverty is so hard to break and we have become so used to this poverty that we defend it and we deny that there is a problem at all in regards to poverty. This is the first time ever in history that our people have the opportunity to be apart of development and I for one think its a great opportunity.

    I get the arguments ” you can’t eat money” you also cannot survive by eating nothing, our people have been saying no to everything yet we have not put anything on the table as alternatives in regards to poverty. I am not a bad person , I am a good father who will do whatever I have to , to make sure my children are fed and get the head start that I never had. There is opportunity for our people that we never had before and I for one welcome it, and I will not be bullied towards changing my views. I keep hearing “what about the future generations” ? well I am thinking about them, I want something better for my children grandchildren and people; rather that 90% unemployment , dysfunction and corruption that we all know is an unfortunate reality in our communities at this time.

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