November 18th Highlights

Online Producer / Ottawa

Before moving to become the APTN News social media producer, Mark was the executive producer for the news in eastern Canada. Before starting with APTN in 2009, Mark worked at CBC Radio and Television in Newfoundland and Labrador and Ottawa.

1 thought on “November 18th Highlights

  1. I do not understand the language being used for the residential schools. Words like “survivors” and ” genocide”. In order for there to be survivors, there has to be people who were killed. Can you tell me how many hundreds or thousands of aboriginal people were killed at the residential schools that survived these mass killings? I also question the term genocide. Genocide as in Rwanda or in Nazi Germany usually means the systematic slaughter of thousands of people by those with bad intentions. The religious people who ran the residential schools thought they were helping aboriginal peoples who they percieved as living in the stone age and who they felt followed superstitious beliefs. They actually had good intentions and did not execute native peoples.u00a0I am starting to lose sympathy for aboriginal peoples as they seem to be exagerating the residential schools impact for monetary gain.

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