Inuit art, Listugij Fishery and Cree subs on the menu in this addition of InFocus

On this episode of InFocus, Host Melissa Ridgen brings you stories from across North America.

First stop in Winnipeg for the new contemporary Inuit art gallery that is showcasing over 14,000 pieces of art, from carvings to tapestries to a seal skin space suit, two curators give as a sneak peak into the new space.

Qaumajuq, the Inuit art centre at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, has finally opened its doors to the largest collection of Inuit art in the world.

We take you on a tour of the incredible space and the 14,000 pieces inside.

As well, APTN News reporter in Nunavut Kent Driscoll explains how Nunavummiut feel about the gallery being located in the south as opposed to their own territory.

And, a shameful bit is history behind some Inuit art – patients in government-run tuberculosis hospitals were forced to make art which was sold to pay for their health care.

Inuit Art
When you enter Qaumajuq you’re greeted by the Visual Vault — a floor to ceiling glass showcase carvings sorted by region from across the Arctic.

The official virtual opening of the gallery starts at 6 p.m., CT. online.  Go to the APTN News Facebook page to follow the ceremony.

Before the Mi’kmaq fishery in the east was making headlines this past fall, a new APTN docuseries visited the Gaspe Peninsula area in Quebec and documented the commercial fishing industry in Listuguj, which is thriving and helping preserve Mi’gmaq culture and language.  Born out of conflict and defiance GESPE’GEWA’GI: The Last Land brings the fishing boats into your living room.  Melissa talks to the shows creators.

The Canadian designer whose ribbon skirt made political history

New Mexico Representative Deb Haaland made history when she was sworn in as president Joe Biden’s secretary of the interior — the first time an Indigenous person has led a cabinet agency in the U.S.

And when it happened, a piece of a Cree designer from Kawacatoose was right there with her.

Agnes Woodward made the ribbon skirt Haaland wore. She joins us to share how it all came to be, how she felt on that momentous day, and what Vogue magazine had to say about her creation. (Gfx has photo of this skirt it is the blue one with two blue butterflies and a flower in the middle.

Cree Subs serves up rez eats

Kyle Peacock always wanted to start up a sub shop. But when he looked into franchises, he didn’t like his options.

So he came up with his own concept for a sub shop at the River Cree Resort at Enoch, rooted in rez favorites – like hangover soup and bannock and bologna and chip subs. (Gfx has photo of the sub we used in monitor on the show)

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