InFocus: Métis Federation of Canada wants to represent Métis across country

Métis group steps forward after Daniels Supreme Court decision. Plus, well wishes in retirement for NWT Commissioner George Tuccaro.

APTN InFocus with Cheryl McKenzie 

Compared to other Métis organizations, the Métis Federation of Canada is relatively new.  But they say their interests are under-represented so its President, Robert Pilon, is travelling to parts of the country in the hopes of gaining members.  Especially with the recent Daniels Supreme Court decision, defining who is Métis is something the Métis Nation is working out on its own terms. So how are representative organizations deciding who their members are?  Host, Cheryl McKenzie asks President Pilon how he defines who is Métis.

Also in this edition, George Tuccaro, Commissioner of the Northwest Territories, shares his thoughts as he reflects on his term in office just ahead of his retirement.

And Kanesatake Mohawk, Ellen Gabriel, addresses the audience at the Local to Global event for the Institute for International Women’s Rights.

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