InFocus: $3,000 credit for Residential School Survivors and the Brian Sinclair inquest continues without the family

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Back in September 2008 – Brian Sinclair, a double-amputee in a wheelchair, went to a Winnipeg hospital emergency room seeking care for a bladder infection.

Thirty-four hours later he was discovered dead, in that same emergency room, still waiting to be seen.

An inquest into his death was called.

But on Monday the family of Brian Sinclair announced they were withdrawing from the inquest.

Legal Counsel, Vilko Zbogar joins us as well as Emily Hill from Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto.

In the second half, we talk about a $3,000 personal credit that’s available for some Residential School Survivors – to put towards education.

Guests: Norman Courchene, Leah Gazan and Ray Mason

9 thoughts on “InFocus: $3,000 credit for Residential School Survivors and the Brian Sinclair inquest continues without the family

  1. why should we put our abuse dollars to wards an education, we ere not allowed to go to school, we worded in the gardens , in the barns, why should we give it away, it,s not gonna pay for nothing

  2. we were called names, but, the French word meant dirty indians
    the priests were always in the sisters rooms in the dorm and I know they drunk a lot of wine

  3. we were fed food that sat on the stove for a 2 days, and us girls stole food because we were straving,the priests and the nuns ate the best food , fit for the queen

  4. I.m a very honest human being, I couldn,t depend myself when I was 16 yrs old, but , it has changed, I.m 65 yrs,old now. I>M the abuser now, it.s a learned behavior, from the missonarys
    we never got a hug or somebody to tell you, you did a good job.

  5. my children still suffer from the , abuse from the schools, sexual, emotional, mental, they took everything away from us, I couldn,t depend myself when. my husband was hitting me. I shut myself , I was so afraid.

  6. I was raised in a school where we were not allowed to speak our language, or to touch our bodies, we were. told we were dirty, but , when it was for them to sexually sbuse us it was ok,they were all sick , they didn,t feed us, we ate from the garage plate.

  7. it,s us we suffered in the hands of the displaced people, they didn,t know who , they were, what they wanted in life,they got dropped off the dock of the shores , I bet they didn,,t know where they were going, they were dicplaced men and women, didn,t even know their sexually, and they sended to the residential schools on the reserves all over Canada.

  8. the 3000$ we all to old to benefit from the the education, we as elders have no energy to go to school, it,s a bunch of bull shut. we elders don,t want to go to shool. just give us the money to enjoy our last days on our land, maybe take a tip before we died.

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