Getting perspective on the Nunavut election and what’s at stake

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1 thought on “Getting perspective on the Nunavut election and what’s at stake

  1. According to the experts, the #1 root cause of homelessness and food insecurity in Nunavut is not a lack of subsidized housing, it is joblessness. When people aren’t earning an income, this impairs their ability to rent/but a house, and buy food, more than any other factor (source : The Nunavut Economic Forum’s 2013 Nunavut Economic Outlook – available free online).

    According to the expert report (at p.64 – discussing subsidized housing): “”Even in a world where Nunavut does have the money for construction and operations for the next 20 years, without a fundamental change to how the territory deals with this constant need, in the year that follows 2032 and after building 3,512 new public houses, new families will emerge needing housing. The current approach is simply unsustainable. To fix the housing crisis requires that Nunavut stem the escalation of need.”

    The population is growing but the jobs are few. We need to address root causes rather than just trying to implement band-aid solutions. Normal employment rate = normal food security rate + normal home ownership rate = healthier society

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