IAP Chief Adjudicator accused of failing to enforce Residential Schools Settlement

Some residential school abuse claimants might not have been properly compensated; and Gwich’in youth get exposure to university life.

APTN InFocus with Cheryl McKenzie

Winnipeg based law firm, REO Law Corporation, filed a court application late last month arguing the Chief Adjudicator of the Independent Assessment Process (IAP) has “failed to enforce the provisions of the Indian Residential Schools Agreement.”

In the Request for Direction (RFD), Richard Olschewski and Martin U. Kramer allege some IAP adjudicators have misinterpreted and misapplied one of the compensation guidelines.  The SL1.4 category of sexual abuse refers to any touching of a student by an adult employee that violates the sexual integrity of the student.  In part, Olschewski and Kramer’s position is that it is a wrong application of the guideline where the claimant must prove sexual intent on the part of the staff member.  It’s not known how many claimants would be affected.  The IAP’s Chief Adjudicator, Dan Shapiro, has so far refused comment.

Also in this edition, we speak with Anish Corporation’s Eva Wilson-Fontaine about the information sessions they are providing to help IAP claimants be better prepared for their hearing.

But before we get to all of this, we hear how the Gwich’in Tribal Council is encouraging their youth to further their education by giving them exposure to Carleton University in a unique project bringing a group of them from Inuvik, NWT all the way to Ottawa for one week.

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