Canada’s colonial playbook put InFocus in latest episode

APTN Investigates also looks at how First Nations Peoples are fighting back.

Canada’s residential school policy from the 1800s wasn’t a mistake or an accident. It was calculated and pre-planned to “solve the Indian problem” in Canada as bureaucrat Duncan Campbell Scott put it. But it wasn’t the only way that Canada has attempted to assimilate and control Indigenous Peoples in Canada.

For instance, from the residential school years came the ‘60s Scoop and the current child welfare system which has more children in care of the state now than at the height of the residential school system.

InFocus is delving into the colonial playbook and toolkit with Investigates producer Robert J. Ballantyne whose episode The Colonial Playbook premiered on APTN Investigates on Oct. 8. It’s a behind-the-scenes discussion about Canada’s colonial past to the present and the ways First Nations Peoples are decolonizing Canada and themselves.

Joining Ballantyne are a number of guests including policy analyst Russ Diabo.

You can watch Colonial Playbook here: APTN Investigates: Colonial Playbook 

APTN Investigates Colonial Toolkit, part two of Ballantyne’s series, will air Friday, Oct. 15 on APTN.


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