Winnipeg mayoral candidate responds to wife’s online comments

Winnipeg mayoral candidate Gord Steeves addressed the media Tuesday about comments his wife made on facebook regarding homeless Aboriginal people.

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Winnipeg mayoral candidate Gord Steeves addressed the media Tuesday about comments his wife made on facebook regarding homeless Aboriginal people.

In 2010, Lorrie Steeves wrote, in part, on her facebook page that she was ” really tired of getting harrassed (sic) by the drunken native guys in the skywalks.”

Today, Steeves vowed to carry on in the election.

APTN’s Shaneen Robinson reports.

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17 thoughts on “Winnipeg mayoral candidate responds to wife’s online comments

  1. Bruce says:

    Right now his campaign is apparently doing well because of this story. He is staying in the public eye and because of that he is known much more than the other candidates. That’s the irony of politics. Do not sit back and take it. Find out where to vote and make this guy lose in a massive landslide. THAT would be a story!

  2. Please don’t just talk about this. Vote. Go out in huge numbers, choose a candidate and vote to make sure your voices are heard. Send a strong message in a manner that is actually heard by politicians. Everything they do depends on votes. Speak loudly with yours.

  3. Althea, I agree adamantly with 100% with everything you said. Except for one thing. The man was in the middle of his speech and you interrupted him. In hindsight I think it would have been better to wait until he had his say, rather than attempt to steal the spotlight, because it just came off as cheap grandstanding, in my opinion. His reaction was normal. What would you do if someone interrupted you in the middle of a poem? Whatever he and his wife stand for, whatever hateful racist crap they spout, we owe it to ourselves and to our people to be civil and courteous when dealing with these individuals. We need to hold ourselves to a higher standard. Because are better than that.

  4. Wow, justify Racist comments by blaming a certain segment of society. I don’t believe the explanation. Damn sure she would have posted the part of her children had it did occur. She stated specific incident in the walk ways. For his part Gord is a very rude individual. If Winnipeg elects that man it will be due to the racist factor, or rather the anti-Indian vote. That is what it will come down to. Gord needs a shoe thrown at him. It seems to be only sign the politicians acknowledge that some one indeed does not agree with them. Sadly Big money has him in his pocket right now. They have invested in him to be new Sam.

  5. He could not care less. An arrogant and foolish person with utter disrespect and contempt for Native people. That lady handled the situation with calm and grace. Oh his poor wife and three large Aboriginal males. Further perpetuating their stereotypes please spare me.
    Instead of humbling themselves and accepting responsibility for their
    words and actions.My Native brothers and sisters keep on keeping on we
    Africans will always be with you even if you don’t know it!

  6. This guy just showed everyone who he is by the way he conducted himself when being approached by the lady in this video clip. It would take a racist to support him in anything, because normal thinking people would want nothing to do with him, political or otherwise.

  7. He is only ONE politician that has been outed for racism…there are many more. It is time to get ourselves and the young people out there voting. Then we can say “We have spoken!”

    1. Dianne I love your ideal get out and vote to make that difference cause if you don’t vote well plain and simple don’t complain.

  8. Yea whatever they don’t mean it go out and help the bannock lady who called you out prove it with actions

  9. Pretty sad! Especially if she thinks her government had nothing to do with the native pan handlers being on the street homeless, without jobs and no food! We tried her education and look where it got most natives….in residential schools, abused spiritually, mentally and physically by the people of the church no less! So yeah lady, think about where u would be had it not been for the color of ur skin and ur silver spoon upbringing before u judge!

    1. Ok and what about now are we going to have the same excuses when this generation don’t get a education?. Who will we blame for that one. You want a solution we need to get a education I got one just last year cause I finally realized it’s no ones fault but my own if I don’t. I tell my kids that all the time education first cause my kids seen drinking and drugs from others and they are ashamed and they are 12 and 14. Has nothing to do with skin has to do with lack of education.

    2. The Steeves have no idea what white privilege is. They don’t get it, and they likely never will.

  10. Nope he is NO Leader…he is a straight out racist..he and his wife..where is his wife? she should be the one apologizing… sure saying she is “Scared” whatever make another excuse…..what a bunch of Bull i say…….Get him outta office…Power to My People..We Still Standing Strong..We aint going nowhere..we here as long as the sun shines, the grass grows and the river flows…

  11. She toasted his chances of being Mayor and he’s not smart enough to withdraw. It is pretty likely he has similar views anyway, he is a politician he’d never tell the truth.

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