Upside down flag causes flap at Manito Ahbee

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The annual Manito Ahbee festival has wrapped up in Winnipeg but not without a small controversy.

During a grand entry to the festival pow wow, one of the flag carriers decided to stage an impromptu protest.

His actions caused some hard feelings among a group of Aboriginal veterans.

APTN’s Shaneen Robinson reports.


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6 thoughts on “Upside down flag causes flap at Manito Ahbee

  1. It’s a story to me, that would intend to divide the people and I don’t agree with it. I think that you should of taken the opportunity to present two or more sides. Colby should have been included on this, or refer to the written story about it. Go to the source, instead of writing a one sided article. I thought only Winnipeg Sun was good for such articles.

  2. A small act of resistance which highlights the disrespect given daily to indigenous people.

  3. I am a First Nations person. I also participated in the Canadian flag competition as a child. The design chosen very closely resembled one that I had drawn. All of my life, I have lived primarily as a marginalized person. I don’t think Canada has dealt fairly with Native people. I approve of Tootoosis’ display of the flag upside down. While I acknowledge the contribution and sacrifice of our veterans, I think they have also been indoctrinated by the Canadian military to maintain a patriotism that serves ‘our masters’ well. The fight for indigenous people is no longer against foreign powers. It is with society, governments, and corporations and the most important conflicts are with and within ourselves.

  4. That’s Funny Joe can talk about ‘disrespect’ for someone who disrespects the drum, he himself has done wrong at Powwows…disrespecting the drum and the singers. He’s not even a ‘traditional’ man. He has a big ego though.Joe has only proved to be ignorant to others first at the drum, yet he values his flag more than sacred items.His ‘peace’ is that he did time served and he can be quiet about Injustices back then and NOW. Sorry , but we are in a new era.
    Joe has had his time to do what he can for his people.

    And our young people have been born to fulfilling our responsibilities, carrying out our clan and personal responsibilities and our obligation is to stand up to that truth, despite what any Veteran has been through.

    Its in our heart to stand up for wrongs against us in this country. Colby works with his heart.

    Youth will not be ‘peaceful’ because we want a different future. We’re not satisfied. Colby represents MANY OF US. That flag is not ours, and yes we are in distress.

    Trouble in Paradise.

  5. From my understanding an upside down flag signals a “stress call.” From what I see happening to this country, more stress calls need to be answered. Canada is suppose to represent peace and yet so many of our leaders make a mockery of it. Colby just demonstrated what the rest of us see daily, Canada’s system of governance is failing still….

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