Three things InFocus: Modernizing the NEB, a Mistrial in the Yukon, and Policing in Northern BC

Indigenous peoples are being heard but opinion is divided on if their rights being respected

APTN InFocus with Cheryl McKenzie

Following last week’s edition that shed light on four years of segregation of a Tahltan/Tlingit man, a judge has ruled he is no longer fit to participate in his own sentencing.  We get the details from his defence lawyer on the new development.

We also put an investigation into policing in northern British Columbia – InFocus.  Human rights groups pressed for a criminal investigation into the way police treated Indigenous women after documenting allegations of abuse and excessive use of force.  But no misconduct was found by the commission.  We get perspective on why.

The show begins with discussion on what the Expert Panel on the Modernization of the National Energy Board should be paying attention to in its engagement with Indigenous Peoples.

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