The impact of childhood sexual abuse – InFocus

Exposing the taboo subject of when children are sexually abused and the perpetrator is protected

APTN InFocus with Cheryl McKenzie

In this edition Shelly Ann shares her story about survival in the face of something that she felt forced to keep secret when she was barely a teenager.

Shelly Ann’s stepfather sexually abused her in childhood and continued to torment her years later.  But she overcame all that and is now a educating communities about how sexual predators are preying on our children.  She also has strategies about how communities can help stop the abuse.  She told her story of resilience in her book, I Never Lied.  And she’s still seeking justice to expose the hidden truth.

Vera Tourangeau also joins us.  In her profession as a teacher, students would find ways to tell her that are being abused in the home.  It’s a taboo subject that’s not addressed and it shows in the journals submitted in the classroom.  Some of those truths are shared, with permission (omitting names), in her book called, Miss, It Hurts.


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1 thought on “The impact of childhood sexual abuse – InFocus

  1. As communicators, we always strive to tell the truth in an accurate manner and realize the words we choose affect the impression we leave on our readers, viewers or listeners. Being as accurate as possible is particularly important when it comes to reporting on sexual abuse.

    Thank you Cheryl for your coverage on childhood sexual abuse and the people who’ve suffered it. You did not treat this topic like any other day at the office. This is a widespread and important issue. Under such circumstances, truthful and accurate reporting showing the devastating effects of rape and other forms of sexual abuse can promote positive social change at the local, national and even international level. Thank you, Cheryl!

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