Sundance Ceremony Part 2: The Buffalo Dance

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The Buffalo dance came to elder David Blacksmith in a dream. The Sprucewoods Sundance Chief later learned that it’s an ancient ceremony that was unheard of for decades. Now it’s one of the most important dances at his gathering.

Blacksmith granted APTN access to his gathering in Manitoba and while there many agreed to speak about why they attend the sacred ceremony.

APTN’s Shanneen Robinson now with part 2 of her series.

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4 thoughts on “Sundance Ceremony Part 2: The Buffalo Dance

  1. Let all the Lost Children come forward and claim your birthright! This is who we are, this is what we do, these are the sacred gifts that have been given to the Red Nation by the Creator. Do not be afraid, do not be lead astray by the deceptions of foreign religion, come and dance with your brothers and sisters, Ekosi.

  2. is that a portapotty? does this guy take cash? haha worse than fsin admission to the circus powwows

  3. Shame on you! Once again, you have crossed a very serious line….you have breached the sacrosanctity of a very special ceremony, to the utter disbelief and outrage of my FN/Aboriginal/Indigenous friends. Even a very obviously non-FN person like me can see this is just WRONG. You have given in to the prurient curiosity of your colonizers, and once seen, these ceremonies can’t be UNseen. This is the kind of arrogant behaviour I would expect of, say, the SUN News, or any other “whitebread”, one-percenter main stream media source, but……APTN!?!?!? You’ve lost all credibility with a huge number of your viewers today, me included. At the least an apology is in order, but the damage has already been done. Who, exactly, ordered these videos to be broadcast? He/she should get their pink slip, tomorrow. Latest.

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