Revenue Canada says ex-employees of reserve-based company owe thousands

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As the federal income tax deadline looms, millions of Canadians are filling out their forms.

That includes thousands of former employees of OI Leasing.

The company located on Six Nations in Ontario, is an employment firm that assured people who signed on with it that they could work tax free because the company was located on First Nations land.

But the Canada Revenue agency and the courts disagree. Now some of those employees are being told they owe thousands of dollars.

APTN’s Delaney Windigo now with more.

5 thoughts on “Revenue Canada says ex-employees of reserve-based company owe thousands

  1. There is no mention of the “Non-Aboriginal” companies that were more than happy to “collude” with the leasing company to farm out their payroll responsibilities. I’m guessing the incentive was that they would pay less money for staff? Sounds like a local version of the Temporary Foreign Workers Program… In any event, it will be for the courts to decide. In the court of public opinion, it seems that the Taxman is always wrong until it comes to First Nations.

  2. This case has been on the books for generations now why is it taking so long if the courts say we owe the monies? I bet the lawyers for both O.I. and the Revenue Canada lawyers are making much more cash/money than what they say is owed. What about all this pay equity back pay there is another money grab from the government and why is it that the mainstream/ white folks not getting the huge 400k bills owing to the Government? Ask why folks and I be you will see that it is the only way that the trusted government can get back some of the monies that have been stolen from our Indian Trust over the last 150 years. In Ontario alone there is about 66 Trillion dollars of our money our Indian money. So all these years when you hear that the government is spending tax payers money well that my friends has been a lie all along no tax payers money ever paid for anything for the aboriginal people of Canada. Yet if we ask for a ledger of what was taken out of our Trust the Government will not have a clue we need to hire a trusting accountant to tally up how much we gave to the white tax payers all these years maybe we can end them all a bill for the Schools, hospitals highways ,infrastructure for bridges highways and ……….well you see where this is going now don’t you all you hard working tax paying citizens of Canada!!

  3. Most people know the rules around income tax and reserves. I don’t feel sorry for these people at all.

    1. I disagree. I would say most people “don’t” know all the rules around income tax let alone reserves. And they don’t want you to feel sorry for them, they want you to be an informed citizen.

    2. Do you know the rules regarding Aboriginals, Reserves, and Income Tax, there are actually very few people that are familiar enough with the tangle of rules to actually be competent enough to claim they “know the rules around income tax and reserves”

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