RCMP reality show gets off to rocky start

APTN National News

The R-C-M-P in the Yukon may have to give up showbiz.

The force had hoped to turn the mounties in Whitehorse into television stars through a new reality police show.

But it wasn’t long before the people they police began to argue that cops and cameras are a bad mix, even a breach of trust.

APTN’s Shirley McLean reports.


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2 thoughts on “RCMP reality show gets off to rocky start

  1. “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

    Thank you Ernie and Keith for taking a stand to protect our
    sacred ceremonies.

    Good bye APTN.
    I cannot in good conscious support your filming, broadcasting,
    and wide distribution of our sacred ceremonies.
    Furthermore, you didn’t even try to redeem yourself by removing
    or deleting the offensive footage in question.
    This is not good journalism, it is for profit and gain, another breach
    of universal law.
    I hope your station is widy boycotted.

    1. Boycott an aboriginal station because APTN broadcast something that they were asked to broadcast? Mmmm. Also “widely”

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