Exclusive: Full Justin Trudeau interview

APTN National News
Justin Trudeau announced Thursday that, if elected Prime Minister, he would authorize $2.6 billion in spending on First Nations education over the next four years.

Following the announcement, he sat down with Cheryl McKenzie and APTN National News for an exclusive interview.

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2 thoughts on “Exclusive: Full Justin Trudeau interview

  1. IF Canadians want Good Government again Justin Trudeau and the LPC are the only choice to make… Best Leader + Best team + Best policies & platform + Best coaches (Chretien/Martin) = Best Government… Do you remember, from the Macleans Debate, Harper kept referring to and lauding his abysmal “economic record”? And do you remember Mulcair making this election all about himself lauding his lengthy 35 years of “political experience” living off the public purse?
    Then contrast that with what Justin Trudeau said in his closing remarks that took everyone back to what “politics” should really be about…
    Have a look and listen –

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