Judge to sentence former Saskatchewan Mountie for shooting death of lover

Bernie Herman

Former RCMP officer Bernie Herman exits the Court of King’s Bench in Prince Albert, Sask., Thursday, April 25, 2024. A judge is expected to give his sentencing decision today. Photo: Liam Richards/The Canadian Press.

Former Saskatchewan Mountie, Bernie Herman, is expected to hear his sentence decision today after being convicted of killing his lover in a park.

Herman was convicted of manslaughter in January in the death of Braden Herman, 26. They are not related.

The naked body of Braden Herman was found in a park in 2021 on the outskirts of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

The Court heard the two men met on Facebook and Braden Herman moved into the veteran officer’s family home in 2018.

Cellphone messages and images were entered into the trial and showed the two men had a sexual relationship that put a strain on the officer’s marriage.

Former Saskatchewan Mountie, Bernie Herman testified Braden Herman would sometimes hit him and became upset when the officer didn’t want to have sex.

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On the day of the killing, Janice Herman, Bernie’s wife, sent text messages to her husband criticizing the Mountie’s relationship with Braden Herman.

In response, later that day,  Bernie Herman sent a text to his wife saying he’d had enough and shot Braden Herman.

Bernie Herman, 55, testified that he felt threatened but did fire the gun that killed Braden Herman.

The Crown is asking for a life-sentence while the defence are asking for a term of four to six years.

The sentence decision will be heard today.

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