Senator Patrick Brazeau tells Face to Face how hitting rock bottom led to a suicide attempt

Independent Senator Patrick Brazeau shares how the troubles of the past three years led to his attempted suicide.

Michael Hutchinson
Face to Face
In Part One of Michael’s interview with Independent Senator Patrick Brazeau, the Senator shares how the troubles of the past three years led to his attempted suicide. Senator Brazeau describes how he found support, changed his perspective and started the long journey to a healthier life.

Here’s a reminder of some of the things the Senator has gone through in the past three years:

December 2012 – Reports of irregular Housing expenses claims sparks deeper look in to individual Senators expense claims.

Brazeau was arrested – in February 2013 — for an incident relating to domestic violence. He was charged with assault and sexual assault.
Due to those charges the Senate suspend Brazeau.

Later that month, the Senate committee of Internal Economy announced that Brazeau and senators Pamela Wallin, Mike Duffy, and Mac Harb, would go through a forensic audit to determine the validity of their expense claims.

Deloitte was tasked with carrying out an independent audit. The audit was tabled in the Senate in May 2013. The accounting company concluded that Brazeau had made no false claims. However, Deloitte reached no conclusions as to whether he met the Senate’s definition of primary residence — because there was none.

A Senate’s Subcommittee on Living Allowances wrote their own assessment of the situation. Brazeau was ordered to reimburse just over 50 thousand dollars in expense money.

August 2013, the RCMP alleged that Brazeau was wrong to claim his father’s home in Maniwaki as his primary residence. If the allegation were true – it would mean Brazeau committed fraud in order to claim a $22,000 a year taxpayer funded housing allowance.

Brazeau was removed from the Conservative caucus — and prevented from sitting in the Senate — although the Senator was still be paid his full salary.

In April 2014 — police allege that Brazeau got drunk and got into an altercation with a woman. He was arrested with new charges of assault, cocaine possession, uttering threats and breach of bail conditions. He has plead — not guilty.

In October 2014, officer found Brazeau sleeping within his car. Brazeau charged with violating bail conditions and intoxicated driving — knife in the vehicle – led to a charge of weapons possession – a violation of bail conditions. Brazeau was court ordered to two months of detox rehabilitation.

In September 2015 — Brazeau plead guilty to simple assault and possessing cocaine as part of a plea bargain — in which he was formally acquitted of sexual assault.

At the end of October 2015, Brazeau was granted an unconditional discharge by the Quebec Court.
However, he remain suspended from the Senate.

As an Independent Senator — Brazeau returned to his Senate seat in September 2016 — after the charges of fraud and breach of trust were withdrawn by the Crown.