There are currently 300 active wildfires in British Columbia. Some have been caused by lightning, others set by humans and under investigation. 10,000 people have left their homes for the safety of neighbouring communities. Below is a collection of images and stories from what is only the beginning of the fire season in western Canada.

The Federal Government has offered resources including the military to help fight back.

The Canadian Red Cross is appealing for donations to help the victims of the fires. If you want more information on how you can help, please contact the CRC at 1-800-418-1111 OR by email [email protected]

You can keep track of what is happening with each of the wildfires burning on the province’s website: BC Wildfire

The fire around Ashcroft Indian band in British Columbia is under control.

The entire community was forced to flee when the wind whipped the flames of a wildfire burning nearby.

Parts of the community were completely lost – but no one was seriously injured. There are still more than 150 fires burning across B.C.

Here’s a look at one that officials were able to tame.


APTN’s Tina House gives us a look right into the area ravaged by fire that began on Friday, July 7th.