Enough is enough…

We’re sick of being treated like this and we’re not going to stay quiet anymore.

Danielle Mark





Perspectives on Band Membership

People of the LGBTQ2S community often face discrimination daily.

That’s no exception to those living on reserve.

APTN News spoke with two families who feel they aren’t treated equally by their chief and council due to their sexual orientation; and it’s their children who are suffering.


Part 1 | Leelith Lefthand

February 10

Eight-year-old Leelith Lefthand lives on the Stoney Nakoda First Nation, but isn’t a member. His parents Danielle Mark and Ava Lefthand say their son is being kept off the band list because they are a same sex couple.

Mark and Lefthand say ‘enough is enough’ and won’t stop fighting until their son is accepted into the community he calls home.

Part 2 | Wayne Wallace

February 11

What creates a member of an Indigenous community?

That’s a question Wayne Wallace, a two-spirit father, is struggling to find the answer to; when only one of his children are registered as a member of his band.