Andrew Paull – Squamish Reserve | Peter Kelly – Haidia, Skidgate

In 1916, the province of British Columbia was refused to recognize Indigenous land title and had illegally seized more than 65 million hectares of land.

Squamish advocate, Andy Paull, and a Haida reverend named Peter Kelly were chosen to lead a group called Allied Tribes.

Paul and Kelly lobbied the government.

In 1926 they forced the issue before a Joint Committee of Parliament but in the end denied the existence of Indigenous title, so no compensation was necessary as the lands belonged to the province by right of conquest.

Paull and Kelly decided to pursue the matter in court but Canada passed a law making it illegal to hire lawyers to pursue land claims.

It would not be until 1973 when First Nations in BC were finally able to put a land claim before the courts.

That claim recognized Indigenous title did exist.

Andy Paull and Peter Kelly did not live to see the case.